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Discover Aquatics offer Swim Lessons for Children and Adults with Special Needs at Discover Aquatics (Olympia, WA)

Discover Aquatics offer Swim Lessons for Children and Adults with Special Needs at Discover Aquatics

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Special Needs Swim Lessons

All Autistic Children Should Learn to Swim

Children with autism are drawn into the water, and rates of drowning are very high. In fact 91% of all wandering deaths for autistic children are because of drowning. We want to change that with our swim lessons for autistic children. Autistic children see, feel and understand things in a different way, which makes teaching them to swim an entirely new challenge. However, our swimming instructors have experience with kids on the spectrum, and understand the best techniques to help your child learn to swim and be safe around the water. Of course every child with autism is different, but our instructors have a wide range of experience, and know how to use flexible teaching to make the special needs swimming lessons work for you. Patience, understanding and the desire to help all children learn to swim is the goal of all our swim instructors.

Water Is A Wonderful Addition

For many children with special needs, autism or otherwise, swimming can be a very therapeutic pastime. For autistic children water can be calming on sensory overloads, and in children with physical disabilities the water provides a weightless environment that is often very freeing. Special needs swim lessons unlock the benefits and enjoyment of water for those children, giving them freedom of movement.

We love bringing swimming to the lives of children with special needs,

Autism, Asperger's or related syndromes

Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Sensory Integration Disorder

Physical difficulties

Sensory challenges

And Many Others

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Life is great....swimming makes it better!

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