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Discover Aquatics Parent Tot - Deal of the Day!!

Discover Aquatics

Parent Tot Classes



Our Parent Tot Classes start at 4 months through 36 months!

Discover offer classes daily including Saturday and Sunday with both day and evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday ''No Classes on Friday''

Get started today with 15% off your first Two Months! Offer extended to Friday!


Did You Know?



Sensory Development - Benefits of being in the water!



Neuroscience research is showing more and more that the human brain develops at an astounding rate between birth and three years of age. But the first year is particularly crucial to nurturing your child’s cognition. In fact, research has found that a baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year of life. And one of the best ways to nourish neurons and encourage brain development is by stimulating the senses.



As you may have guessed, swimming lessons for babies can do just that. The experiences of interacting with the water, being exposed to new movements, seeing a wide variety of new objects and observing new people all get neuron’s firing. The novelty and sensory differences between each of these elements greatly contribute to sensory development.


Call 360-867-9283 to grab your day and time! What fun grab and friend and sign up together!

Offer valid for new or re-enrollment - offer extended expires Friday at 7:00 pm

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